I Want to Turn Pro!

I Want to Turn Pro!

When working with clients one of the most important things to know is what do you want to achieve?

What are your goals?

“I want to earn my Pro card and compete in the Olympia.”

Many of our customers and followers are fans of the body sculpting and physique sports of NPC/IFBB Bikini and Figure competition.


IFBB Pro and Team VIP Coach, Missy Schwimer, has experienced both the Arnold and Olympia stage.

After all, we have coached from day 1, the only athlete to be a champion in both the IFBB Arnold Classic and the Olympia, and now 3-peat at the Olympia Bikini title holder.

I myself set a goal to turn pro and I earned my IFBB Pro card in Fitness back in 2004.

I’ve been around the sport for a while, as well as, coaching people meet their goals.

So here’s the first thing I recommend when someone tells me they want to turn “pro”.

First, forget about turning Pro.

Now, I don’t mean abandon your goal.

Let’s focus on some short term goals first-that lead to long-term goals, such as turning Pro.

In this sport, we need to first look at getting onstage. Getting on stage for the first time is actually the start of the journey to achieving a goal such as turning Pro.

Veronica & Saranya enjoying their first competition experience

Veronica & Saranya enjoying their first competition experience

To increase the success with our customers, in preparing for a show or competition and balancing “life”, we start by only focusing on the aspects of weight training, cardio, and nutrition first. If you try to jump in head first with the other show preparations, most will become overwhelmed, stressed, and it will take the “fun” out of it.

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My Thanksgiving was Ruined

My Thanksgiving was Ruined

So if you’ve been reading my emails & blog regularly this week, you know there is still more to the story. I left you “hanging” right?

I showed you my 6 pack in the first part of the story: HERE

I included some photos from a photo shoot I did 11 years ago and told you about the goals I WANTED to achieve back then.

I also shared with you in a 2nd article, how 11 years this past weekend, I almost gave up on my goals and I almost QUIT. You can read about it here >>>

So now that you are caught up, you want to know about that man and his wife, who approached me after I stepped off the stage and WON the 2004 Fitness Nationals, 11 year ago.

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