Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference in Memberships?  Gold Platinum

Memberships are organized from very beginner to elite/competition level athlete.


GOLD : For women who are aspiring to compete in Bikini or Figure, have competed in the past, are post-competition, or in their off-season, this is the perfect package! Gold members have access to their very own Team VIP Coach who formulates their weight, cardio, and nutrition program to complement their goals. Each plan is individually reviewed and each member/athlete’s progress is tracked through weight, measurements, and photos. The private instructional video library is like having a Team VIP coach right in front of you. The Gold membership is the first step in making your dreams of stepping on stage a reality! If you don’t want to compete, but you want to train and look like a bikini or figure athlete, this is the perfect package too. Gold members also receive a special rate on Team VIP Workshops and In-Person training. Gold members receive access to everything in the Silver membership level. ($197/month)

PLATINUM*: Bikini & Figure athletes receive the total package in competition prep. Every detail of competition is covered in this comprehensive package, from weights, cardio, food, assessments, feedback, tanning, suits, posing, support & more! Platinum Members receive access to all membership areas, plus private areas for Platinum/Competitors ONLY! Learn Team VIP tricks and tips, competition prep, exercise specifics, and more. You’ll have access to Handouts, Videos, and your Team VIP Coach & Coaching staff! You name it, it’s covered in the Platinum membership.

*Platinum members must be accepted to the Team VIP Competition team and agree to abide by the Team VIP Code of Conduct. Team VIP is looking for women who compete in NPC/IFBB Bikini & Figure and provide a positive representation of themselves and Team VIP. ($397 & Up/month)

Q: How long does it take for me to receive my plans?

A: GOLD & PLATINUM members will have immediate access to the Member area videos with a sample workout plan. It may take up to 3 BUSINESS DAYS, as long as questionnaires, photos, and payments are complete to receive recommendations from your assigned coach.

Since we INDIVIDUALLY review each member/athlete’s files and provide INDIVIDUAL attention, it could take up to 2 weeks before a GOLD or PLATINUM member will receive their Customized plans. Our goal is to get GOLD & PLATINUM members their plans as soon as possible, but we dedicate individual time to each, so GOLD & PLATINUM memberships could take up to 2 weeks for the INITIAL SET UP.

We use the 1st of the month and 15th of the month as start dates to keep both you and us on track! After the INITIAL SET UP, you and your Coach work together on a regular basis.

Q: I am a first time bikini/figure competitor. Where do I start?

A: If you are new to competition we recommend you begin with our GOLD Membership. It is important to begin with a foundational plan before transitioning into a competition ready/PLATINUM Competition program. You will be more successful and have established a structure with the weight training, cardio, and nutrition before adding in the Competition Ready details. Your plans change as your physique changes, and are periodized to coordinate with your desired show date. It will make for a stress free and smooth transition to the PLATINUM package for first time competitors.

Q: I’m looking to get in the best shape of my life and look like a competitor, but I do not want to compete. Which package is best for me?

A: If you are just looking to get into great shape, but not step on stage, that would fall under our GOLD/ Off- Season packages. Our non-competitive lifestyle program,, would also be an option if you are looking to shed body fat, but do not have specific physique shaping or future competition goals.

Q: How do I know what shows to choose?

A: Once you are set up on a GOLD or PLATINUM membership, we will review your questionnaire & photos and provide you with our competition/stage ready recommendations. We will make REALISTIC goals & time frames, working together to select your NPC or IFBB shows. We will then work together to devise a plan to help you achieve your personal best!

Q: Do you work with vegetarians or vegans?

A: Yes, we can provide planning for vegetarian and vegan needs in the GOLD and PLATINUM Memberships, but just keep in mind it can be more difficult to achieve the desired results.

Q: How do I know what package to start with as a competitor?

A: If you are a new member, we want to have plenty of time to get to know your body. We recommend all competitors begin with the GOLD package.

If you are 12 weeks or less from competition, please fill out our PLATINUM questionnaire. We may not be able to accept or properly prepare athletes on short time frames (less than 12 weeks pre-competition.) Please fill out the PLATINUM questionnaire and we will formulate a plan to meet your goals.

Once accepted as a PLATINUM In-Season Competition Team member, we encourage athletes to do more than one show, and athlete/members will continue in the PLATINUM In-Season Competition package until it is determined they are done competing that season.

Athlete/Member would be recommended the GOLD membership/package for 16 weeks or more before competition and transition to an Off-season program post-competition.

Q: How do you help me after I’m done competing?

A: We recommend all competitors participate in the GOLD package/membership post- competition. This helps athletes/members have a smooth and healthy transition post season. Preparing for future competitions should be taken into consideration year round. We recommend the GOLD package for year round/non-competition season for athletes.

Q: What is your method of diet/nutrition?

A: Team VIP takes a “healthy” approach to competition prep, and that includes nutrition. If it is appropriate for the athlete, we want to offer a variety of foods. We evaluate each person’s current nutrition, body type, and goals, and design a program from there. We do look at macros, but we list particular food choices. Yes, there is flexibility in food choices, when appropriate. We are a “natural” team.

Q: What are some key aspects of your program? What sets you apart?

A: Team VIP takes a healthy, professional, & TEAM approach. Our training is constantly changing and we use a variety of tools in our “tool box”. We take an individual look at each member/athlete’s needs in the GOLD & PLATINUM Memberships, and address through personal nutrition, posing, weights, cardio, and more. Members receive time efficient workouts to meet their goals, valuable instruction, and coaching. Think of math class- you need to start at the appropriate level and do assignments or receive “tutoring” at a pace appropriate for you. The staff is caring, credentialed, organized, and detail oriented. Visit the testimonials page to see what Team VIP customers have to say about their experience.


Our Team wants to help women achieve their personal best ®. We take pride in quality. Team VIP Founder, Summer, is also very HONEST and the Team VIP Staff has been trained & mentored to provide honest & professional opinions, as well. We are not going to tell athletes what they want to hear or even take on every athlete. Team members need to not only be quality athletes, but be a good/positive representation of themselves and the Team. We all need to be a good fit to work together to help you achieve your personal best! ® Team VIP members are educated to be Curvy, Classy, & Confident!

Q: How often would I check-in?

A: CHECK INS: We recommend GOLD & PLATINUM Members/Athletes send their weight every Monday. We also provide an online tracking system for GOLD, & PLATINUM to record & utilize, too.

We recommend ALL membership levels weigh themselves ONCE a week, preferably Monday mornings.

PLATINUM /In-Season: Weight Weekly, Photos and measurements are to be sent to your Coach every 2 weeks or upon request. There are also Skype/FaceTime check ins. Full details will be available once you are accepted and signed up for the program.

GOLD/Off-Season: Weight Weekly, Photos and measurements every 4 weeks.

Q: How often would I get to ask questions or be able to contact you?

A: We encourage GOLD, & PLATINUM Members to review their plans and ask for clarifications. We also ask athletes to respect the coaches time and not expect immediate answers. (Ex. Give us 24 hours to answer. Coaches have a limited number of athletes, but also do in person training, have other responsibilities, and are allowed to have a life!). Team VIP Founder Summer and the Team VIP staff are very honest, timely, organized, and take pride in their work, but they are also not “babysitters”.

Q: How hands on are you?

A: (See answer above as well too.) There is email, Skype, & phone access for out of town athletes, but again – we want athletes to have balance in their lives, so the same is asked to respect the coaches time, too. Someone who wants to be able to text the coaches 24 hours a day and expect coaches to drop everything is not a good fit for our team. We are hands on and provide quality service. Our athletes are always taken care of by Summer and the Team VIP staff. Every athlete/customer receives the quality & timely service they deserve. We will answer your questions in a timely manner.

Members will have access to the information you need to be fully prepared via the coach or in the PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP AREAS.

Q: What if I sign up and I realize this is not the right fit for me?

A: We are happy to work together to find the correct membership level for your personal goals and fitness and nutrition needs.


Make sure to include your full name and the email you used to create your account.

If you prefer to speak to a staff members personally, you can call our office at 330-497-2474. We are happy to assist!


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