Summer Montabone, CSCS and the Team VIP Coaches have trained countless numbers of NPC athletes to national success including the first bikini athlete in history to win both the Olympia and the Arnold Classic titles.

The mission of Team VIP (Very Impressive Physique) is to provide a thriving environment for athletes to grow physically and mentally and reach their fullest potential, enabling them to bring their best “package” to the competitive stage.

Team VIP Competition Prep Services offers a variety of packages to assist athletes in achieving their personal goals. We offer in-person training and online services to provide Comprehensive Competition Prep for NPC & IFBB Bikini & Figure athletes.


About Team VIP

Team VIP (Very Impressive Physique) is a division of Summer’s Fitness, Inc., located in North Canton, OH.

The mission of Team VIP is to provide a thriving environment for athletes to grow physically and mentally, enabling them to bring their best “package” to the competitive stage.

Founder Summer Montabone, CSCS, and her team of certified and experienced coaches, work with clients to create Curvy, Classy, Confident athletes. Summer’s philosophy is to train the entire woman from the inside out. Whether you want to train for competition or just look like you do, Team VIP helps you Achieve Your Personal Best®.


summerFounder Summer Montabone, CSCS

Founder Summer Montabone, CSCS, achieved her own “personal best” in 2004 when she won the “Tall Class” at the NPC Fitness Championships. With that victory, she earned her IFBB professional card and took her career to another level. Earlier that same year, Summer won the overall NPC Ohio State Fitness & Figure Championship.

Summer brings her own experience and understanding of the importance of training the complete athlete to the philosophy and training of the coaches within Team VIP. Each unique, customized program developed and delivered by Team VIP focuses on health first, followed by physical training, nutritional education, and physical appearance.

Summer Montabone, CSCS Credentials

  • National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health & Physical Education
  • IFBB Professional Fitness Athlete
  • Certified Prenatal Instructor
  • Certified HPL Resistance Band Instructor
  • Founder of Summer’s Fitness Inc. – Home of My Speed Coach® & Team VIP – Very Impressive Physique ®

Summer, who is also a wife, and mother of 2 young daughters, understands the unique challenges of women, both in their youth and as they age. “We don’t believe in fads or get skinny quick diets,” says Montabone. “We encourage our athletes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes real food, plenty of water, and a regular, consistent exercise regime. It is important to have balance in our lives, both on and off the competition stage. I developed Team VIP with women in mind, to help them achieve their personal best® and embrace their Curvy, Classy, Confident self.”

Whether you are already fit and want to take your body to the next level, or need to start from scratch, Team VIP customized programs are designed for women, by a woman.


Team VIP Coaches Help Athletes Achieve Their Personal Best®

Team VIP is a drug-free/natural team – your health and well-being is always our number one priority. The Team VIP coaches live and teach a healthy approach to training and provide customized programs and personalized care for each athlete.

Team VIP offers clients access to a team of specialized coaches who are all credentialed, including IFBB Pros & National Level NPC athletes. They have a variety of degrees and experience in:

  • Nutrition/Dietetics
  • Exercise Science
  • Physical Education
  • Physical Therapy
  • Personal Training

Each of the Team VIP coaches has a unique approach and specialty that they bring to their athletes, providing a well-rounded training package to prepare athletes interested in competition, or those who want to look like they compete.

Team VIP Athletes/Coaches – A True Team Effort that Produces Winners

The Team VIP coaches have a proven process that works time and again with athletes interested in competing, from diet to exercise to performance.

  • Team VIP coaches carry a level of accountability for the behavior of their athletes. Everyone leaves their ego at the door, and together we work to help our athletes achieve a “competition ready” physique.

    I trained with others prior to joining Team VIP, but I never felt like I got any time or attention from my trainers. Now, I never feel alone on my journey! The Team VIP coaches have been nothing but attentive, supportive, and readily available for all of my questions, and I know I always have my team behind me!” -Alyssa Eaton

  • Team VIP coaches provide honest and open professional feedback. They know what the judges are looking for, and provide feedback necessary to help each athlete look their best on stage.

    When I first decided to take on this new journey, I asked Summer, ‘Can I do this? Do you have the time and patience for me?” She said, ‘I can if you can. TRUST ME; we’ll do it together!’ Trust her is what I did, and I just can’t believe how much I love competing!” -Sharon Rusnock

  • Team VIP coaches help their athletes have realistic expectations for their specific body types and genetics. In turn, Team VIP athletes understand that achieving a competition ready physique requires time and 100% dedication to the goal.

    I have tried many different teams and trainers to get results, and none of them have been the right fit. Now that I have Team VIP guiding me, I could not be happier. I feel unstoppable, and I’ve already reached some of the goals that I’ve set for myself after only a few weeks. I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish with this team backing me up!” -Remy Lazar

  • Team VIP coaches offer INDIVIDUALIZED and CUSTOMIZED plans for each client that include a healthy balance of nutrition, cardio, and weight training.

    Anyone, from a beginner in the NPC to an IFBB Pro will benefit tremendously from the guidance of Summer and all the trainers on staff. They take a one on one approach, and it works!” -Mackenzie McDowell, National Level NPC Bikini Athlete

  • Team VIP coaches model and encourage a positive and supportive team environment. Members become part of the Team VIP “family,” and support the goals and successes of all team members.

    Regardless of your fitness goals, Team VIP is an encouraging, healthy, and reputable choice! They will reassure you that your goals are always just a lifestyle choice away. You CAN be consistent and happy at the same time, and you’re never ‘through changing.” -Madison Christa

  • Team VIP coaches produce winners! We are proud to have delivered over 50 1st place finishes, a NPC National Champion, and multiple IFBB pros, including an IFBB Bikini Olympia & Arnold Classic title winner.

    I really wanted a coach who would fight for my success as much as I’m fighting for it, and I found that in Summer and her staff. This dynamic group of coaches keeps me on track, and they are there any time I need them. During my first email exchange with Summer, she took one look at my photos and instantly gave me feedback about things I needed to change before stepping on stage again. I ended up taking 1st place in my first show with Team VIP!”
    -Emily Herrington, National Level NPC Bikini Athlete

featured-on-oxygenSpotlight on a Team VIP Athlete: Ashley Kaltwasser, IFBB Pro

In 2013, Ashley Kaltwasser won the IFBB Bikini Olympia, was awarded 1st place in the Sheru Classic, the Toronto Pro Supershow, and the Powerhouse Classic Pro.

Ashley’s success continued when she was named champion at the 2014 Arnold Classic Bikini International competition. That makes Ashley the first bikini athlete in history to win both the Olympia and the Arnold Classic titles! Ashley made international headlines when she traveled first to Australia, winning the Australian Grand Prix, and then immediately on to New Zealand, taking the crown at the New Zealand Pro/Am. Ashley has won seven shows back to back!

Ashley, a FMG (Fitness Management Group) athlete, is also a contracted athlete for Fitness RX/Muscular Development, and a cover model and columnist for Fitness RX for Women. She is sponsored by some of the best names in the competition business, including Gaspari Nutrition, Liquid Sun Rayz, Better Bodies Clothing, Muscle Egg, and CJ’s Elite. As part of the Team VIP team, Ashley teaches bikini posing both in person and online.

winningI love being a part of Team VIP as both a competitor and a coach. I love that our trainers and coaches are so supportive and caring. There is a super-encouraging atmosphere and we ALL support and help each other! The coaches are all very accommodating to our individual needs, and are always happy to help with any questions or concerns we may have. As a Team VIP coach, I love being able to help other girls with their competition journey. The most rewarding part is helping make their dreams come true! Being a part of Team VIP has been an amazing experience!”
-Ashley Kaltwasser, IFBB Pro

Train for Competition or Just Look Like You Do!

The Team VIP coaches work with athletes at every stage of their competition process, from the beginning idea that you might like to compete, to helping you prepare for accepting the coveted IFBB Olympia award!

Visit our North Canton, OH location, or check out the online Team VIP training packages to learn more!

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